Thomas Edison Digital Collection


“1879-1979 Centennial of Light” is a pamphlet written as an aid in instruction of school children. Included in the biography are activities to enhance understanding of the inventions. In the motion picture section on page 18 is a list of movie studios that were in New Jersey.

“A Brief Biography of Thomas Alva Edison” is small but quite comprehensive.

“A Wonderful Invention” is a history of the phonograph, Edison’s favorite invention, from the simple machine using tinfoil to the LP. Edison, unfortunately, lost market share when he failed to embrace new technology because he was concentrating on producing electric lighting.

“Beehives of Invention” aptly describes Edison’s career and approach to work In his invention factories. There is a short but accurate analysis of his two marriages in this pamphlet.

“Edison-the man who turned darkness into light” is a pamphlet published by the Thomas Alva Edison Foundation to celebrate the 100th anniversary of electric light. It is “a story of the growth of technology and the substantial improvements in life that resulted from the efforts of scientists, engineers, and inventors like Edison.”

“EDISON Inspiration to Youth” is a graphic biography. It is “an adaptation of the serial entitled “The Life of Thomas A. Edison” which appeared in the daily newspapers of the United States in the months of August, September, October and November, 1927.”

“The Edison Tower” is a description and guide to the monument in Edison, New Jersey.

“Thomas Edison: They Called Him Wizard!” is a pamphlet written by the late John T. Cunningham, historian and writer of New Jersey interests. He “sought to portray an Edison other than the traditional ‘wizard’ who was ‘always right’. Edison was shown to be a man who was greater than fiction.”

Children’s librarian Dolores C. Chupela has created the pamphlet “Thomas Alva Edison The Wizard of Menlo Park- His New Jersey Years” which includes a chronology, quotes, and a valuable Places to Visit section .