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Loan Policies

Loan Periods

Material Item Limit Loan Period Renewable
New Books None 2 weeks Yes
Books None 4 weeks Yes
Books for school assignments/holidays None 2 weeks Yes
Children's Computer Games52 weeks Yes
Magazines52 weeksYes
Pamphlets 52 weeksYes
Children's book cassettes 52 weeksYes
Music CDs 52 weeksYes
Playaways 52 weeksYes
Books-on-tape 52 weeksYes
CDs52 weeksYes
New Videos 22 daysNo
New DVDs22 daysNo
Videos51 weekYes
DVDs51 weekYes
Leappad12 weeksYes

Important! A $1.00 fee will be charged for each reserve item not picked up by the hold expiration date.

Fines and Fees

Overdue fines are $ .25 per day for all library items except:

Playaways $ 2.00 per day
Videos/Computer Games $ 2.00 per item
Expired reserve items $ 1.00 per item

Rental charges:

Rental books $ 0.25 per day
All Videos/DVDs $ 1.00 per item