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August 17, 2006


Ann Macdonald



Dunellen Membership

††††††††††† The Dunellen circuit has been installed and activated.We are still waiting for the router to be delivered, installed and configured by Verizon.Steve Rossa and I have each called and sent email to the Verizon sales engineer and I have contacted our account manager and we still donít have an expected delivery date.I am keeping Joan Henry informed.


Internet Service Change


††††††††††† Steve and I have been in contact with our Verizon Account Manager, Richard Bean and his Sales Engineer, Mark Doering.We have been unable to get a firm delivery date for the installation of the router.Rob Zangara believes that we do not need to wait for the router that is being given to LMxAC as part of the NJSL Hub project and suggested that we could use a replacement router that we recently received from the State Library.Verizon insists that the router that is coming to LMxAC as part of the Hub project is being configured specifically to connect to the NJSL Hub and this is the router that we should use.I asked Richard Bean and or Mark Doering to contact Rob Zangara to discuss this with him.No one has contacted Rob about this, but I just received and email from Richard Bean apologizing for the delay and informing me that he has escalated the equipment orders.


Carteret Library

††††††††††† I contacted Cheryl Smith of the Carteret Library to confirm that she is still interested in having a representative from the Consortium attend their September meeting.She is very interested and the meeting is on September 13th at 6:30 PM.Eileen and I will attend the meeting and we will contact Cheryl to discuss the visit and her expectations.



††††††††††† We added 6 new reports from BCCLS on August 1st.The new reports and frequency are:

Items Declared Assumed Lost (monthly)

Lost Items with Current Location LOST, LOST-ASSUM, LOST-CLAIM and LOST-PAID (monthly)

Items Added (run monthly)

Missing Items with Current Location MISSING (monthly)

Missing Items with Home Location MISSING (monthly)

Notice Report (daily)

††††††††††† I will continue to work with Michael Koehn to complete this project.


Database Maintenance


††††††††††† We have finally started doing some database maintenance this past month.During the past year we have run the remove discard report regularly, but we havenít done any maintenance of expired users, users with lost cards, lost or missing items.

††††††††††† Mei has been working on removing expired user records.She is removing users whose registration expired prior to July 1, 2004, and who have no outstanding transactions on their records.Ruth is working on removing items that have DISCARD in the Home and/or Current location.After these items have been removed, we will remove lost items that were migrated from CARL.These items have a location of LOST-ASSUM, but have no bills attached

††††††††††† I am writing much needed guidelines and procedures for handling MISSING and LOST items.We plan to use Sirsi reports to remove MISSING and LOST items, but all libraries must follow specific procedures for processing missing and lost items in order for the reports to work.



††††††††††† Performance appraisals have been completed for each full time LMxAC staff member and have been placed in their personnel file.