Director’s Report

September 2006



Since joining LMxAC on August 21, 2006 I have appreciated the warmth and hospitality of the Board, Membership and staff.  My transition has been eased by the helpfulness, and friendliness, of all.  Thank you!


Telecommunications Network


The major project underway now is the migration to the state’s Internet service.  We met with Rob Zangara and have had numerous phone conversations with Verizon and Transnet – the consultant working with us on this project.  Since joining LMxAC I have had several reports of extremely slow response time on our current network.  The move to the state’s network is an essential step towards alleviating that slowness and we have made this project our top priority.


The delays in completing this network transition are due, primarily, to Verizon’s decision that we should receive a Cisco 2651 router to manage the network traffic between our network and the state’s.  I believe that this router, which is no longer a current model and no longer being manufactured, is not the best choice for our long term needs.  We have asked Verizon to reconsider this decision and are waiting to hear back from them.  In the meantime, the state has provided us with a Cisco 3845 router as a replacement for the 7507 router which manages the network traffic between our members and us.  I have asked Transnet to configure the 3845 for immediate use to connect us to the state network.  Once we have resolved the disagreement with Verizon we will either have a new 3845 to replace the 7507, or we will have to consider other options for replacing the 7507 (which, while aging, is still performing well).


If all goes well we expect to switch over to the state library network by the end of the month.  Once plans are finalized we will be providing at least one week’s notice to the membership, along with detailed instructions about what needs to be done at the local library end to be sure we have a smooth transition.


I have asked staff to explore moving our email system to the state’s system as soon as possible.  I hope that we will have a transition plan, with a timeline, shortly.  Moving the current email system to the state will allow us to bring the existing email/web server offline, while allowing all of our members to maintain existing email addresses and web sites.  Over time more of our members may choose to set up their own domains with the state, but for now, the quickest way to improve everyone’s email service is for LMxAC to move our service as a whole.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress.


I am also interested in developing ways that we can monitor and report bandwidth usage.  I would like our membership to be aware of the bandwidth they are currently using and to be able to plan for future bandwidth growth.  I expect to come back to the Board with a more detailed explanation of how we can accomplish this in the near future.


Unicorn System


Please see the attached reports from Ann and her staff.


Membership Development


Ann Macdonald and I attended the September 13th meeting of the library board of the Carteret Public Library to talk about their interest in joining LMxAC.  The feedback from our presentation was very positive and we expect to continue very serious discussions with them through the next couple of months.


Activity Report


In August we made 31 troubleshooting visits to 13 different libraries.  We conducted training for Dunellen, and delivered a number of new/revised reports to the membership.  Other measures of activity include:


New Items Added                                          19,447

                              Bib Records Added by LMxAC                     2,534           

                              New Bib Records Added (Total)                    5,293 

                                    New User Records Added                          5,570


The system downtime in August 2006 was approximately 12 1/2 hours on August 11th          and 12th due to a power failure at the LMxAC office.  The power went down at approximately 11:15 pm on Friday, August 11th and when the power came back on there were problems with the Production server.  The production server and the four iBistro servers were halted and restarted and libraries and patrons had access to Workflows and iBistro by 11:30 am on August 12th.     




In the last month I have participated in the following meetings:


LMxAC Staff meeting                                                           August 21

Rob Zangara                                                                         August 24

BCCLS                                                                                  August 29

LMxAC staff (individually)                                                     August 30 – September 1

ListenNJ Meeting at Monroe                                               September 6

Wireless Meeting at Monroe                                               September 6

Verizon Conference Call                                                      September 7

South River Tour and Visit                                                   September 8

Plainfield Tour and Visit                                                       September 12

Finance Committee                                                              September 13

Carteret Board                                                                      September 13



Respectfully Submitted,


Eileen M. Palmer

Executive Director