Director’s Report

May 2007



Potential Members


I have had discussions both St. Peter’s University Hospital Library and the Elizabeth Public Library and provided quotes to both institutions.  Both are considering a variety of options.  Further discussion will take place at the Board meeting.


Non Profit Finance Fund


In Michigan I had started working with an organization called the Non Profit Finance Fund.  I had thought they were just in the Detroit area but I recently discovered they were a national organization with offices in NY, Philadelphia and Morristown.  Their mission is to provide services to non profits that help them to become stronger and maintain financial stability.  Services they offer include:

  • Loans for facilities and other growth-related projects
  • Nonprofit Business Analysis for organizations that want to evaluate their readiness for change
  • Building for the FutureSM to help nonprofits manage assets like building reserves and endowments
  • Workshops and advice on facilities and financial planning
  • Small planning grants of up to $10,000 to secure specific pieces of information during the project planning process -- available by invitation only.
  • Planning guides on facilities and financial management

On May 9th I was able to attend a workshop sponsored by the Dodge Foundation and put on by NPFF called: FACILITY PROJECTS: PLANNING, FUNDING & FINANCING STRATEGIES.  This workshop provided some interesting information about the advantages and disadvantages of property purchases by non profits as well as information on how to manage building projects.  I found it very interesting and helpful.


While attending the workshop, I spoke with staff from the NPFF about the Business Analysis service they provide.  Here is how they describe this service:


Through financial analysis, review of materials and discussions with your leadership, the NBA presents an easy-to-understand assessment of your organization’s underlying business health and readiness for change or growth. This process equips nonprofit executives and board members to:


• be more aware of underlying financial trends and characteristics, such as revenue/expense growth, revenue/expense composition and balance sheet composition

• evaluate the appropriateness of current financial structure, given your organization’s existing and proposed activities and needs

• use financial planning and management tools, such as monthly cash flow projections and internal monthly/quarterly budget vs. actual reports

• anticipate the impact of a proposed capital or program growth project

• establish benchmarks for program productivity and financial performance

This may be something we want to consider as a part of our strategic planning process.


Activity Report


In April we made 17 troubleshooting visits to 8 different libraries.  Other measures of activity include:


1.      New Items Added                                               22428

2.      Bib Records Added by LMxAC               2542            

3.      New Bib Records Added (Total)                         4071

4.      New User Records Added                                  3560                             

5.      Brief Record Upgraded to full MARC                   691

6.      Duplicate records merged                                   1791

7.      Inventory Reports                                                      30




In the last month I have participated in the following meetings:


            Meeting with Director of Elizabeth PL                    April 18

            NJLA                                                                          April 23-25

            Faceted Searching Teleconference                       April 30

Meeting with LMxAC Benefits Agent                      May 2

LMx Meeting – Edison                                             May 4

Facilities Planning Workshop                                  May 9



Respectfully Submitted,


Eileen M. Palmer

Executive Director