Director’s Report

August 2007



We have begun implementing the changes recommended by the attendees at our iBistro meeting.  Most are still on the test server for comments.  We did immediately implement a change to the time out procedure that has been a huge improvement.  Feedback from member library staff has been very positive.


World Languages Catalog Grant


We have received notification from the New Jersey State Library that the joint
application by BCCLS and LMxAC for the continued development of the World Language Catalog has been approved in the amount of $25,000.  More details will follow once we have received the signed contract.  There will be an informational meeting on the World Language Catalog held in early September.


Baker & Taylor


18 member libraries are participating in the TitleSource 3 program.  Training begins on August 14th and we hope to have libraries transferring bibliographic records to us very shortly after that.  Ann and Ruth have worked hard to develop a procedure for libraries to use and we are anxious to get going!




Ann and Mike have worked together to implement the ability for a library to receive cash reports per workstation to better track incoming fines and fees.  Ann will be sending out information to assist anyone who wants to implement this reporting procedure.


Mei set up Z39.50 SmartPort connections to the LMXAC catalog and BCCLS and PalsPlus on the Production server.  Libraries are now able to use SmartPort to search other catalogs for bibliographic records and load them into the LMxAC catalog.  Libraries may search all the catalogs at once so they will be able to prevent loading a duplicate record if one already exists in the LMxAC database.  Barbara and Ruth have loaded records from BCCLS and PalsPlus.







Activity Report


In July we made 16 troubleshooting visits to 10 different libraries. There was .5 hour of planned downtime on August 3rd for server maintenance.  

Other measures of activity include:


1.      New Items Added                                                           21121

2.      Bib Records Added by LMxAC                           3667                          

3.      New Bib Records Added (Total)                                    5772

4.      New User Records Added                                               5592                            

5.      Brief Record Upgraded to full MARC                               898

6.      Duplicate records merged                                                 835

7.      Inventory Reports                                                                  66

8.      API reports                                                                                3




In the last month I have participated in the following meetings:


            New Director Orientation w/Susan Kaplan            July 23

            Conference Call w/Tecker Consultants                  July 26

            NJLA Public Policy Committee                               July 26

            LMX Meeting                                                             July 27

            Conference Call w/Tecker Consultants                  Aug   6

            INFOLINK Planning Committee                              Aug.  9

            NJLA PPC Funding Subcommittee                        Aug.  9





Respectfully Submitted,



Eileen M. Palmer

Executive Director