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July 20, 2006


Ann Macdonald


Reports/Open Borrowing Meeting

            A meeting to introduce and discuss the new reports and LMxAC’s renewed participation in the Open Borrowing project was held at Piscataway Kennedy on June 28, 2006.  Representatives from every library except Perth Amboy, Milltown and Roselle Park attended the meeting.  The group was enthusiastic about the new reports and a bit confused and uncertain about the Open Borrowing procedures.  Margie Cyr recommended that the libraries take the documentation back to their libraries, read it and work with it and suggested that we have another meeting in several months to address issues and questions that had come up during that period.


Dunellen Membership

            The Dunellen circuit has been installed and activated.  The library files have been set up by Sirsi and we are now waiting for Verizon to deliver, install and configure the router.  The Statement of Work for the router install has been signed and faxed to Verizon and I have been trying to get a delivery date from Verizon. 

            As soon as the router is installed, Mike will load the Workflows client and LMxAC staff will begin training selected Dunellen staff.  Ruth Ronen and Barbara Espenschied will go to Dunellen and train the staff in Item creation and maintenance.  Mei He and I (possibly) will go to the library and train them to create user records. 


Internet Service Change

            The planned cutover to the NJSL hub, originally scheduled for next weekend, July 15 and 16, 2006, has been postponed.

            Verizon was supposed to have shipped the router that is needed for this project and we have been trying to find out when it would be delivered.  I learned yesterday that the router was not shipped because LMxAC had never signed a Statement of Work with Verizon to install, configure and connect the new router.  The Statement of Work was not signed because it was never sent to LMxAC.  The Statement of Work has been signed and faxed to Verizon and the Verizon Account Manager and the Sales Engineer have taken responsibility for “dropping the ball” on this and promise to push the paperwork through as quickly as possible.  At best, the router will not be delivered, configured and installed for at least a week or two.  We will work with Verizon, TransNet and The State Library to coordinate a time to install and configure the router and cutover to NJSL hub.  We will notify the member libraries as soon as a new date is set.   

            Steve spoke to Rob Zangara about the router that was included in Verizon’s Statement of Work and Rob was surprised that they would spec that particular router because it is and older model.  Verizon told us that it was a modular router when we questioned them about it and assured us that it was the right router for the job.  Rob told Steve that he was going to speak to someone at Verizon about the router.


Jamesburg Library

            Anne Roman and I will attend the Jamesburg Library July Board meeting.  I have prepared a cost estimate that includes "start-up" and "on-going' costs which we will give to each member of the Jamesburg Board.  We will discuss the advantages of joining the Consortium and point out the services provided to member libraries such as: system-wide holds, placing holds from home, cataloging services, phone notices for holds and overdue items, and technology support.


CPU Replacement

            We had been experiencing problems with CPU 2 on the Production server. The CPU would go offline, we would restart it and it would stay online for a day or so and then go offline again.  Sirsi reported it to Sun and a Sun technician replaced the CPU on Tuesday, July 11th.  The CPU has been online since it was replaced.  



            We began running some of the new reports on July 1st.  We ran several monthly reports and are running daily circ reports and hold reports for all libraries.  We continue to “fine tune” and troubleshoot the reports that we are running and I continue to work with Michael to develop and modify additional reports from the group of reports we purchased from BCCLS.  BCCLS and LMxAC run the same system, but we do things quite differently.  Working with Michael on the reports has helped me better understand the Sirsi system and Workflows and has encouraged me to reevaluate some of our policies and procedures.  It has also spurred some interesting discussions between me, Ruth and Me and it is clear to me that we may need to have additional meetings of the Implementation team and the Circulation Protocols Committee.