Director’s Report

October 2006



Telecommunications Network


We have successfully completed the move to the state’s Internet service.  Many members have reported improved response time and we are working with a couple that still report slowness.


The state library staff have offered to assist us in capturing data from our routers that will help us in further understanding our network bandwidth needs.  We have provided them with the technical information they need to access our routers and expect to get useful usage data soon.


We are still working on moving our email system to the state’s although I do not have a date for this as yet. 


Negotiations with Verizon have still not successfully resolved the router issue.


Unicorn System


Please see the attached reports from Ann and her staff.  We are working to develop a specific timeline towards upgrading the Unicorn software to GL3.1.  We expect to upgrade the test server in October and the production server in December but details have not yet been finalized.


Membership Visits


I have now completed 12 visits to LMxAC member libraries.  While not quite at the halfway mark, I have identified a couple of broad issues.



Activity Report


In August we made 29 troubleshooting visits to 14 different libraries.  We continue to refine the delivered reports we provide to the membership.  Other measures of activity include:


New Items Added                                                     24,139

                              Bib Records Added by LMxAC                                 2,724          

                              New Bib Records Added (Total)                                5,567 

                                    New User Records Added                                          9,425


The system downtime in September 2006 was approximately 2 1/2 hours on September 29th during the cutover to the NJLS Hub and an additional hour on Saturday, September 30th as LMxAC staff and consultants worked through problems reported by member libraries.  The downtime on Saturday was not one continuous period, but several brief periods when changes were being made on the router.     




In the last month I have participated in the following meetings:


Transnet                                                                                 September 14

LMx Directors Meeting                                                         September 15

Meeting with PALS Plus and BCCLS                                September 15

Edison Library Tour and Visit                                              September 18

Sayreville Library Tour and Visit                                         September 19

LMxAC Board Meeting                                                        September 21


Comprise Conference Call                                                  September 21

PALINET Conference Call                                                   September 22

Plainsboro Tour and Visit                                                    September 22

Staff Meeting                                                                         September 25

Lunch Meeting with Connie Paul and

Cheryl O’Connor, plus tour of INFOLINK                            September 25

North Brunswick Library Tour and Visit                              September 26

Meeting with Board and B. Miller                                        September 27

Consortia Meeting                                                                September 27 – 29

Presentation on Bandwidth at Consortia Mtg.                   September 28

Long Branch Library Tour and Visit                                    October 3

Planning Meeting with A. Macdonald                                 October 4

Roselle Library Tour and Visit                                             October 10

Roselle Park Library Tour and Visit                                    October 10

Kenilworth Library Tour and Visit                                        October 11

South Brunswick Library Tour and Visit                             October 13




Respectfully Submitted,


Eileen M. Palmer

Executive Director