Document #06-68




September 21, 2006




Mary Faith Chmiel – Spotswood

Irene Goldberg - Monroe

Joe Lyons - Sayreville

Lewis Ostar - Middlesex College Library

Anne RomanPiscataway


Robert Belvin - New Brunswick

Margery CyrOld Bridge


Eileen M. Palmer

Elisa Bash


The meeting was called to order at 10:08am by Vice President Mary Faith Chmiel.



Eileen M. Palmer, Executive Director noted two additions to the current agenda. These additions to be discussed under Other Business, concern a cataloging issue with Dunellen Public Library as well as an equipment purchase for the Consortium. Irene Goldberg moved to approve the agenda with revisions (Document #06-58). Lewis Ostar seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried.



Joe Lyons moved to approve the minutes (Document #06-59).Irene Goldberg seconded the motion. All members were in favor.  The motion carried.



Eileen M. Palmer presented the detailed Financial Statements for August 31, 2006. (Document #06-60). She reported that $10,000 in reference expenditure for the annual fee for Listen NJ will be removed from the general budget because funding for this project came from the Development Fund. She spoke about the ISP cost being an unanticipated expense because we had expected to already be part of the NJSL Hub. However, we received the final Hub payment of $16,000 in this fiscal year. She mentioned she will have a conference call with Palinet to discuss our yearly OCLC fees. The report was reviewed and filed for audit.



Balance as of 8/31/06:

Accounts Receivable                                                                   $    205,253.12

Checking                                                                                     $      91,691.71

Cash Management                                                                       $    549,872.35

Development Fund                                                                      $    313,001.51

Cash Assets Total:                                                                       $ 1,159,818.69


Accounts Payable 9/21/06                                                           $      42,068.26


APPROVAL OF BILL LIST: (Document #06-61) Eileen M. Palmer discussed some unusual invoices to be paid. The check to BCCLS for $3,700 was for Sirsi support and API reports. The check to Sun Microsystems for $2, 500.00 was for UNIX training for Mei He. Irene Goldberg moved to approve the Bill List for September 21, 2006.  Joe Lyons seconded the motion. All members were in favor.  The motion carried.



Eileen M. Palmer presented her report to the Executive Board and discussed several issues including: a report on the Telecommunications Network; report on the Unicorn System including monthly reports from the System Manager, Database Specialist, and Applications/Member Specialist; a report on Membership Development; Activity Report; and Meetings. In the Telecommunications discussion, Eileen mentioned her conversion with Bill Pappas of Transnet about replacing the 7507 Router. If an upgraded router from Verizon is not delivered than the Consortium will need to seek other options to replace this router. A Board member recommended approaching the County Freeholders to find out if unutilized funds from the original agreement between the County and SirsiDynix would be available to bid for a new router as part of the system migration.




Eileen met with Robert White, Executive Directors of BCCLS to discuss several issues concerning the structure of the Open Borrowing agreement, impediments within this program and statistics reports. These issues are expected to be addressed and resolved at the upcoming Circulation meetings to be held in October.


DRAFT CREDIT CARD POLICY (Document#06-63). Eileen presented a draft credit card policy to the Board for consideration to adopt. She had prepared the policy referencing one used by her former organization because our Auditor was unable to retrieve a sample policy. Some Board members had concern with the safeguarding of internal controls on purchases. They agreed it is a basic sound policy but some language needed to be cleared up. The Board would like to continue to discuss this policy and wanted it be placed on October Board Meeting agenda.


TRANSITION PROCESS DISCUSSION: Anne Roman stated that the Board should review and prioritize a list of short range projects that Eileen Palmer would need to address during her six month evaluation period. The items to be addressed are as follows:

Bandwidth; Network Transition issues related to switch over to the NJSL Hub that includes router and email migration; Progression with Sirsi Projects including Portal (Single Search) and Acquisitions and Serials; Reexamine Member Assessment formula; Outreach internally and externally to libraries to improve membership development and continue to nurture existing members; Evaluate staffing patterns and needs of the organization and make necessary adjustments; and maintain good business relationships with regions, the state library and other Sirsi Consortia in New Jersey.



AUDIT ENGAGEMENT LETTER (ACTION ITEM) (Document#06-64): The cost to perform auditing services will be $4,000.00. The cost to prepare the IRS Forms 990 and IRS Form5500C/R will be $1,200.00. Anne Roman moved to accept the engagement letter for audit services from Hodulik & Morrison, P.A. Irene Goldberg seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried.




Eileen spoke to the Board about some long term network goals. She explained that it was necessary for each director to have a clear understanding of the systems capacity at their own library. She sensed that there was a lack of interest from the member libraries. She expressed the importance of being aware of the physical infrastructure and technical issues involved in running the system. She stated that is important to continue to educate ourselves on network development and understanding bandwidth usage data and patterns.


MEMBERSHIP MEETING SCHEDULE (ACTION ITEM) (Document#06-65) The Board reviewed the list of proposed General Membership Meeting Dates. The Board agreed to hold two fall meetings that will be on October 20, 2006 and December 15, 2006.  The Board also agreed to move the November Board meeting to November 30, 2006 and the December Board meeting to the afternoon of December 15, 2006.


2007-2008 BUDGET DRAFT AND ASSUMPTIONS (Document#06-66) Eileen presented a report of the Finance Committee listing some revenue and expense assumptions that will be considered in the final preparation of next year’s budget.

Some revenue assumptions include: basing the budget on current membership; budget interest income conservatively; and review existing services. Some expense assumptions include: salary and benefit increases; anticipate funds for the Listen NJ program; and the cost of Sirsi hardware and software maintenance in 2008.  Board members agreed to have the password protection removed from the Executive Board page as well as archive prior months of board material.



CATALOG ISSUE – DUNELLEN PUBLIC LIBRARY- Eileen explained that Dunellen Library has begun migration of their records to the Sirsi system. Joan Henry, Director of Dunellen has some concerns with cataloging charges that she anticipates from their older collection. The Board felt that this would not likely be a concern but agreed that if it was the Board would consider options to mitigate such costs when a  library is joining LMxAC.



Eileen spoke about the condition of the old laptop and projector and recommended that the Board approve the purchase of new equipment.  Anne Roman moved to approve the purchase of two new laptops and a projector. The cost of these items should not exceed $7,000. The funds for this purchase to be transferred from the Development fund. Irene Goldberg seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried.


COMMUNICATIONS: Communications included an email from Ingrid Bruck, Director of Long Branch Public Library regarding the continued support of ListenNJ; An updated list of 2006/2007 LMxAC Officers and Director and an updated list of 2006/2007 Executive Board Address and Phone List.



Irene Goldberg moved to adjourn the meeting. Joe Lyons seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 19, 2006, at 10:00am at the LMxAC office.

Respectfully Submitted,


Eileen M. Palmer (for the Secretary)