Document #06-74




October 19, 2006




Robert Belvin - New Brunswick

Mary Faith Chmiel – Spotswood

Irene Goldberg - Monroe

Joe Lyons - Sayreville

Lewis Ostar - Middlesex College Library

Anne RomanPiscataway



Margery CyrOld Bridge



Eileen M. Palmer

Elisa Bash


The meeting was called to order at 10:10am by Vice President Mary Faith Chmiel.



Bob Belvin moved to approve the agenda of the October 19, 2006 LMxAC Executive Board Meeting. (Document #06-67). Irene Goldberg seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried.



Irene Goldberg moved to approve the minutes of the September 21, 2006 LMxAC Executive Board meeting. (Document #06-68). Mary Faith Chmiel seconded the motion. All members were in favor.  The motion carried.



Lewis Ostar presented the detailed Financial Statements for September 30, 2006. (Document #06-69). Lewis spoke about the bill paying procedures and a current problem with the payment of late fees from various vendors. A Board member proposed creating a list of standard vendors that the Board will authorize payment to on a monthly basis allowing these invoices to be paid in a timely manner. Eileen M. Palmer will review various options and set up a proposal for new procedures that she will present to the Board. She will also verify any internal control concerns with the auditor. The report was reviewed and filed for audit.



Balance as of 9/30/06:

Accounts Receivable                                                                   $      82,258.97

Checking                                                                                     $    158,216.74

Cash Management                                                                       $    552,298.00

Development Fund                                                                      $    314,382.25

Cash Assets Total:                                                                       $ 1,107,155.96


Accounts Payable 10/19/06                                                         $      48,712.27

APPROVAL OF BILL LIST: (Document #06-70) Irene Goldberg moved to approve the Bill List for October 19, 2006.  Bob Belvin seconded the motion. All members were in favor.  The motion carried.



Eileen M. Palmer presented her report to the Executive Board and discussed several issues including: a report on the Telecommunications Network; report on the Unicorn System including monthly reports from the System Manager, Database Specialist, and Applications/Member Specialist; a report on Membership Visits; Activity Report; and Meetings. In the Telecommunication Network report, Eileen reported that the cutover to the State Library Hub was successful and she thanked members of the LMxAC Staff; Sam from TransNet; and Mike Maloney from MCC for their work on this project. Several Board members complimented the summary of activity report and meetings attended sections of the Director’s report. In the Membership Visit report, Eileen spoke about cataloging concerns expressed by some member libraries. Eileen explained that she has been working with Ann Macdonald and the cataloging staff to address these concerns. She explained that cataloging requests are now being processed by email rather than by delivery service. By emailing the requests, it speeds up the process to enter the data and eliminates photo copying by member libraries. Eileen explained other possible options that may be useful to our cataloging staff and helpful in lowering the cost of OCLC fees. She spoke about “Title Source”, by Baker & Taylor as one way to obtain free MARC records; have the ability to load records at the time of purchase; and cut down on original cataloging. Eileen presented the Board members with the PRTG Traffic Graph. She explained that these graphs are a snapshot of Internet use by each member library. She expressed that it would be a good management planning tool by easily identifying those libraries that use the Internet service at the maximum capacity. The library may decide to purchase an additional T1 frame relay circuit to improve service.



DRAFT CREDIT CARD POLICY (Document#06-63). The Board reviewed the credit card policy. Bob Belvin recommended a few small changes be made to the draft policy. He recommended under letter b to read, “A list of card holders will be submitted annually to the Board,” and letter j be completely removed from the policy. Irene Goldberg moved to approve the credit card policy as amended. Joe Lyons seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried. 


TRANSITION FOLLOW UP: The Board agreed that the evaluation of the Executive Director should be based on expectations outlined in the report from the September planning session with Barbara Miller. Irene Goldberg move to refer the evaluation of the new Executive Director to the Personnel Committee. Mary Faith Chmiel seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried.



DRAFT BUDGET (Document#06-72)

Lewis Ostar explained that in 2007-2008 LMxAC would have to absorb the yearly additional cost of $150,000 anticipated from the increase in software and hardware maintenance cost from SirsiDynix. Eileen presented three alternative budgets scenarios at the Finance Committee meeting. The Finance committee approved the budget scenario that would help ease the burden on our members. The Finance committee recommended using $300,000 from the general fund balance over a period of three years to help absorb these increased operating costs. The Committee based the budget on the assumption that no library members were joining or leaving the Consortium and  included an increase in Assessment dues since the costs has not changed in over 10 years. The Finance Committee agreed to the need to revisit the assessment formula and to prepare the membership with cost projections so they can prepare the financial information to present to their library boards. Since the Budget and Assessment is a report of a standing committee, the Executive Board members unanimously approved the 2007/2008 Budget and Assessment. It will be presented to the membership at the General Membership meeting.



LMxAC TECHNOLOGY PLAN: Eileen mentioned while preparing information for E-rate forms, she discovered that the LMxAC Technology Plan will expire soon. A new three year plan would need to be approved by the NJ State Library. She will prepare a Technology plan for final approval at the November Executive Board Meeting.  The Board authorized her to move forward with the Technology Plan so as not to delay the E-Rate application.  The new three year Technology plan would need to be presented to the State Library by mid–December.


INTER LOCAL SERVICES AGREEMENT: Anne Roman reported that the County Clerk and Attorney have reviewed the ILSA agreements. The Libraries need to present the renewal of these agreements to their municipalities and forward the signature pages to LMxAC.


COMMUNICATIONS: Communication included is a PRTG Traffic Grapher monitoring Internet usage for all Member Libraries.



Irene Goldberg moved to adjourn the meeting. Joe Lyons seconded the motion. All members were in favor. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 12:10pm. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 30, 2006, at 10:00am at the LMxAC office.

Respectfully Submitted,


Eileen M. Palmer (for the Secretary)