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Access thousands of movies, television shows, music albums and audiobooks, all available for mobile and desktop use. Digital content from Hollywood studios, major-label record companies and publishers can be borrowed for instant streaming to smartphones, tablets, and computers, or for temporary downloading to smartphones and tablets.

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FREE One-on-One sessions

We offer free one-on-one computer sessions with knowledgeable computer techs. Each session will be an hour long and will cover a range of topics, such as: online forms, email, the internet, resumes, and any other general computer questions you might have.

Call the information desk for available dates to sign up for a one hour session.
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    We offer sessions on the available dates.
  • Tuesdays 2pm
  • Wednesdays 11am
  • Thursdays 6pm
  • Saturdays 1:30pm

  • and Coding
    Saturday, October 10th @ 1:30PM is an online resource that provides over 3000 courses in popular fields like web design, web development, and other in demand fields. Learn how to navigate through this website and learn Lynda’s new feature called Code Practice environment, which allows you to practice coding directly from the website.

    Gravestone Art and Symbolism
    Sunday, October 11th @ 2pm

    Lorna and Phil Wooldridge will trace the use of gravestones from early New England to the present day. The program will cover the progression and interpretation of early symbolism, from family burial plots to the elaborate rural cemeteries of the Victorian era and the memorial parks of the 20th century. The presentation will be punctuated by stories and humorous examples from cemeteries near and far.

    College Funding Workshop
    Thursday, October 15th @ 7pm

    Did you know two thirds of college graduates leave school with financial debt? Attend this workshop and you will learn how to maximize your potential for financial aid, how to lower your ‘out-of-pocket’ costs, and why the FAFSA and your EFC are so critical to the college financial aid process.

    Habits of Healthy People
    Thursday, November 12th @ 2pm

    From the Tea burning at Princeton to the reading of the Treaty of Paris, Walter Choroszewski presents New Jersey’s contributions to the success of the American Revolution. Walter shares stories of the retreat across The Jerseys and the triumphant return across the Delaware River, the historic battles at Trenton, Princeton, Monmouth and Springfield, the winters at Middlebrook and Morristown, as well as Washington & Rochambeau’s victory march across New Jersey.

    The American Revilution: The New Jersey Connection
    Saturday, November 14th @ 2pm

    Join Carol Palmer, BA, from the Monmouth Medical Center Program Instructor to learn about the new science of happiness; how happiness improves our health, relationships and resilience to life's ups and downs. Discover how you can develop the new habits that help happy people maintain positive thoughts, emotions and actions.

    If These Walls Could Talk: How to Research Your House
    Monday, November 16th @ 7pm

    Mr. Joseph Grabas, aka "Mr. Land Records" will present his program on using public records to discover your home's past history. By doing title research of public deeds, mortgages and filed maps, it's possible to trace your home's roots back to its beginning. Mr. Grabas is a national, certified title professional with many years of experience in the land surveying and title research professions.

    Internet Browsers: An Inside Look
    Wednesday, November 18th @ 11am

    The World Wide Web is full of amazing content, but did you ever stop to consider how you are getting there? “Browsing” the web is only possible because of the various internet browsers that are out there today. This discussion class will look at the differences between the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, including the pros and cons of each.

    After Hours Music: The Florian Schantz Jazz Combo
    Friday, November 20th @ 7pm

    Come and join us for the After Hours Music concert: The Florian Schantz Jazz Combo, led by their 13 year old bandleader, Florian Schantz! The band will be performing a Dixieland Jazz program that is a balance of live music and educational content for the whole family. The Florian Schantz Jazz Combo will discuss music, instruments, techniques, musicians and composers from the early Jazz era. The program will focus on the “hot jazz era” in the early 20th century with selections such as the Wolverine Blues, Ain’t Misbehavin’, the St. Louis Blues and the Tiger Rag. This is a very upbeat program you will be sure to enjoy!