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Mango Languages

Mango is an online language-learning system that can help you learn languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian, Russian and more. Also offers English lessons tailored to a selection of native languages.

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FREE One-on-One sessions

We offer free one-on-one computer sessions with knowledgeable computer techs. Each session will be an hour long and will cover a range of topics, such as: online forms, email, the internet, resumes, and any other general computer questions you might have.

Call the information desk for available dates to sign up for a one hour session.
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    We offer sessions on the available dates.
  • Mondays 11:00am
  • Mondays 7pm
  • Wednesdays 3pm
  • Saturdays 11am

  • Author Discussion & Book Signing
    Sunday, September 13th @ 2pm

    Gloria Bucco will introduce her new book: Precious Cargo, A Collection of Stories from the Italian Immigrants of Matawan, N.J. Gloria will read a selection from the book along with Marilyn DiSanto and Pat Angello, who assisted with gathering family stories. All three will sign copies of the book.

    How to Recover Your Losses in the Stock Market without Investing
    Thursday, September 17th @ 2pm

    Howard W. Hirschhorn, CPA, will help you determine if your security losses are due to improper advice received from your stockbroker, and then he will teach you the steps required in filing a claim requesting mediation or arbitration. He will also discuss case histories of investors who were able to negotiate partial or total reimbursement of losses.

    After Hours Music: A Century of Sinatra
    Friday, September 18th @ 7pm

    Come fly away with Dave DeLuca as he pays tribute to Frank Sinatra on the 100th anniversary of his birth! Ol' Blue Eyes would have turned 100 years on December 15th, 2015. New Jersey native Dave DeLuca is an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, and recording engineer who has been performing for over 30 years.

    Introduction to Windows 10
    Saturday, September 19th @ 1:30pm

    Windows 10 has an improved user interface, new look, and new features that allow people to better interact with their computer. This class will go over some basic features and show what Windows 10 has to offer. This will include: going over the new layout, accessing user’s files, and introducing Cortana, their own personal assistant.