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PowerPoint 2010 for Beginners
Monday, January 26th at 7PM

Would you like to create dynamic work presentations, construct “how-to” demos for your next club meeting, help your children add a little zip to their research projects, or perhaps make a PowerPoint display of pictures from an amazing trip? Whatever the reason, join us to learn basic skills you can use to create lively PowerPoints for all occasions.  Space is limited for this hands-on class so sign up early.

Morningstar®: Shining Light on Investment Research
Thursday, January 29th at 7PM

Morningstar's online service provides data on 14,500 U.S. and foreign companies, including stocks, mutual funds, and similar vehicles. It also offers current expert analyst reports, and Morningstar proprietary metrics. Become an educated investor. Learn how to research stocks or mutual funds, find those that meets your criteria, and read analysts’ reports on companies and market sectors.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010
Wednesday, February 4th @11am

Go beyond the basics to learn how to create & sort tables and how to design visually appealing charts. Prerequisite: A basic understanding of MS Excel.

Best Streaming Music Apps
Saturday, February 7th @ 1:30pm

Freegal is great if you are looking to download free music files, but if you want to stream music to your phone or device, join us to learn about the best new apps! Tyler will go over the pros and cons of the different platforms. Feel free to bring your devices so you can download the apps during the class.

Job Hunting in the Digital Age, Part 1
Monday, February 9th @ 7pm

In this two part series, we’ll start by showing you, Job Career Accelerator, an easy-to-use online library resource that will help guide you through the job hunt. Do you want to search for a job, or a new career? Do you want to learn how to fill out a job application, build a network, or how to use social media effectively to find a job? Then, sign up and bring your library card!

How to make Great Vegan Ice Cream
Saturday, February 21st @ 2pm

Did you know you can make delicious homemade ice cream without using any dairy products? Join us to learn how! We’ll discuss ingredients and techniques while making a batch of vegan ice cream (and some sorbet). You’ll get to taste the results and leave with recipes to try at home.

Favorite foods and libations of Presidential Families
Sunday, February 22nd @ 1pm

Put aside partisan political views and look at the lighter side of the presidential office. Learn about some of the favorite foods and beverages of past presidential families. Learn how the Presidents entertained at State dinners and how they entertained family and friends. Did you know Garfield had his own recipe for tea that included catnip? Or that Thomas Jefferson never invited more than 12 guests for dinner? Come learn about other past presidential families and their favorite fare. Light refreshments will be served to celebrate Washington’s Birthday!

FREE One-on-One sessions

We offer free one-on-one computer sessions with knowledgeable computer techs. Each session will be an hour long and will cover a range of topics, such as: online forms, email, the internet, resumes, and any other general computer questions you might have.

Call the information desk for available dates to sign up for a one hour session.
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