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Computer Basics with Valerie
Wednesday, October 1 10AM

For all those who have asked if the library has any computer classes, we have good news! There will be a BEGINNER computer basics class; how to use the mouse, screen and keyboard. All training is hands-on using the library’s computers. Each session is limited to 6 people; sessions will cover the same materials.

Classes for English Conversion
Monday, October 6th - 24th 7PM

Do you want to learn to improve your English speaking ability? Informal small conversation groups for all levels of English ability Please see the Reference Librarian if you have any questions.

Recovering Your Losses from the Stock Market
Monday, October 13 7PM

In this program, Howard W. Hirschhorn, CPA will discuss: 1. How to determine if security losses are due to improper advice received from your stockbroker.  2. Calculating the loss on investments as a result of improper recommendations by your stockbroker.  3. Steps required in filing a claim requesting mediation or arbitration.  4. Case histories of investors who were able to negotiate partial or total reimbursement of losses. 

Getting the most from Cloud Computing
Wednesday, October 15 10AM

Everyone's talking about it but what exactly is it? Basically, cloud computing allows you to store your files online. It's a great way to backup your files, and it makes them easy to share and easy to access from anywhere. 

College Funding
Thursday, October 16 7PM

Join Chuck Drawbaugh of College Funding Associates to: • Learn how the college financial aid process REALLY works. • Learn what you can do NOW to lower the cost of college. • Learn why student positioning is so important. • Learn how to maximize your potential for financial aid. • Learn what a FAFSA and EFC are and why they are so critical to the process. Students are also welcome and encouraged to come!

Windows 8 for Beginners
Saturday, October 18 1:30PM

Windows 8 is the newest version of Microsoft’s operating with a lot new features. This class will help the user understand the basics and learn the various programs available on Window 8

MS Word 2010 for Beginners
Monday, October 20 7PM

Learn the basic functions of Microsoft Word 2010. In this hands-on, beginners class, we will cover the following: Creating and saving documents Previewing and printing documents Editing and proofing your work Making changes to your document, including inserting pictures. Soon you will be creating letters and reports that will amaze your friends and family

Thursday, October 23 7PM

Kickstarter is an online service that allows you to post a creative project and recieve funding via donations from other users. The site is a part of a new wave of similar donation services called "crowdfunding". This class will walk you through the best practices for reaching success on Kickstarter.

Superstitions: Omens, Myths, and Misconceptions
Sunday, October 26 2PM

Halloween is once again upon us…a time to consider black cats, goblins and the supernatural.   Halloween is a holiday of many mysterious customs, but each one has a history, or at least a story behind it. Some may be traced to the Celtic period and ancient times when it was thought that the souls of the dead were out and about, along with fairies, witches, and demons.

Meet and Greet Local Author Hilda K. Weisburg
Thursday, October 30 7PM

The first time 15 year old Savah takes her weaving into the city market is the most exciting day of her life.   What she doesn’t know is she and her growing magic are part of a prophecy and her journey is just beginning.  Find out more about Savah and the journey the author took to put this fantasy story on paper.

Free One-on-One sessions

We offer free one-on-one computer sessions with knowledgeable computer techs. Each session will be an hour long and will cover a range of topics, such as: online forms, email, the internet, resumes, and any other general computer questions you might have.
    We offer classes on the available dates
  • Mondays 7PM
  • Tuesdays 11AM
  • Thursdays 2PM
  • Saturdays 11AM