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Joining the Library



If you live in Plainsboro you can get a card with us. If you work in Plainsboro but do not reside in an Libraries Of Middlesex town then you can also apply for a courtesy card.

Additionally if you have a Mercer County card you may sign up for privileges at our library as well.

If you live in another town in Middlesex County then you may already be able to use our library! Click here to see if you are already part of LMxAC.

If none of these apply to you and you still want a card with us they are available for $40 a year. The money goes right back into building our library!

What you need to get a card

When signing up for a card we require two pieces of information:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of your qualifying address
    • This can be your home address in Plainsboro or your work address.
  • If you are signing up with a Mercer County card we do need your card present when we register you.

These two pieces of information can be on one item (a current driver's license) or on separate items (a driver's license that has not been updated and a current lease agreement).

Children under the age of 14 can get cards but they must be present and their registration form must be co-signed by a parent or guardian.

And if you want to get a head start you can click here and set your card up online, making it a quick stop in to pick it up!

Need to renew your card?

Our cards expire. For Plainsboro residents it is every three years, for reciprocal patrons it is every year

To renew your card all we need is proof of address for your account. If you're a resident then this is your home address, otherwise it is proof of your Mercer address or Plainsboro employer's address.

Then we'll scan your card, update your account and you're ready to check out more books.