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Questions/Concerns/Information about Volunteer Hour Documentation

Please email Joyce, the Teen Volunteer Coordinator with any questions, concerns, or information on the procedure for getting volunteer hours documented.


  • How old do I have to be to volunteer at the library? It depends on what you are volunteering for. To be a shelver or a geek desk volunteer you must be in Grade 9 or higher. To help out with programs usually around 7th grade and up.
  • What sort of things do I do if I decide to volunteer? If you are a shelver you will be trained on how to re-shelve library materials and to “read” the shelves (check that everything is in its proper place). If you are helping out with programs you are assisting the library staff in making sure everything is running smoothly, this might mean helping children use scissors or it might mean setting up chairs for a program!
  • Why do I have to apply to be a shelver? We have such an amazing community of teens wanting to volunteer that we simply do not have enough work to give everyone who wants to volunteer something to do. We use an application process to help us schedule times so that we have as much help as we need when we need it.