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The Roselle Public Library strives to inform, enrich, and empower every person in our community by creating and promoting easy access to a vast array of information, activities, and services while providing an atmosphere for
the love of reading.

Roselle Public Library Board of Trustees

Under New Jersey law, the authority to manage the public library rests in the hands of a board of trustees. The Board appoints staff, manages money, and sets policy.

Because the Library is separately incorporated, it is an autonomous governmental body. Even though 90% of the Library's funding comes from the Borough, the Library Board has complete authority to spend it.

There are nine members on the Library Board in Roselle : seven citizens appointed by the mayor for five year terms; the mayor and the superintendent of schools (or their alternates). Please see Library Bylaws and Manual of Short Policy Statementfor further information.

There are five standing committees:

Buildings and Grounds :  reviews the property, inside and out, and recommends repairs and improvements.

Personnel :  oversees contract negotiations and related matters concerning the union representing the staff;  negotiates a contract with the library director.

Collection Review :  handles complaints about materials in the Library.

Nominating :  prepares an annual slate of officers, and fills vacancies among the officers when they occur.

Planning :  takes a long range look at the library for services, staffing, and finances.

Library Board

Anthony Esposito President
Maureen Donnelly Vice President
Elaine Rittinger Secretary
R. Eudora Winston Treasurer
Dorothy Mayner Assistant Treasurer
JoAnn Guest Trustee
Marie Flore Normil Trustee
Jamel Holley Mayor
Jackie Wright Mayor's Alternate
Dr. Kevin West Superintendent of Schools
Liza Torres-Stephens Superintendent's Alternate
Kim Shaw

Council Liason

Tammy Lee Library Director


Meetings are open to the public and are held at the library at 7:15pm on the third Thursday of the month, unless noted otherwise. The regular meeting minutes are available by clicking on the corresponding dates below. In compliance with the NJ State Open Public Meetings Act, the Board has approved guidelines for the public to speak at meetings.

Library Trustee Fund

The demand for new library materials in every community tends to exceed the funds available. Avid readers always want to read the latest book. To meet that demand, many public libraries have endowments to support book purchasing. These endowment funds supplement what the regular budges cannot afford to purchase.

The Trustees Fund of the Roselle Public Library was established in 2000 by the Library Board with contribution from members of the Board. The purpose of the Fund is to collect small donations to the library in one account, and use the annual interest to buy library materials for public use. Since the money used is from the library's investments, materials purchased will tend to be items which will be of long term interest to users of the Library.

By establishing this fund, the Library Board of Trustees wishes to encourage Roselle residents to invest in the Library, and secure the growth of our library. All contributions to the Trustees Fund will be acknowledged. A donation of $100 or more will be noted on a plaque in the library stacks. The Roselle Public Library also welcomes larger donations. Contributions of $1000 or more can be set up as a named endowment account ("The Jane Smith History Fund").

If you are interested in making a donations, please speak with the Library Director or with a member of the Library Board of Trustees.Contribution Forms are available at the Library.The Roselle Public Library is a 170(c)1 corporation under Title 26 (Internal Revenue Service) of the United States Code. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Library Budget
2009 2010 2011
Library Donations

1. The Library accepts donations of materials which it deems of interest or of potential use to the Library and its patrons. a. After a member of the professional staff has reviewed a donation, it will be given to the Friends of the Library for sale, added to the Library's collection, or discarded. b. The Library does not accept donations of:
•  textbooks or encyclopedias more than ten years old;
•  Reader's Digest Condensed Book;
•  items which smell, are wet, or are damaged
•  magazines which are more than six months old

2. The Library will provide a receipt to donors for income tax purposes. The receipt will only list how many items were donated. The Library does not provide a valuation of what has been donated.

3. All donations are accepted by the Library without conditions. The Library does not guarantee the final disposition of any item.

4. The library will accept donations of money for the purchase of items for the collection, provided the terms of the donation are negotiated with the Library Director in advance.

Building Fund/Bottle :
    July 2010             30.59
    Year to date         136.16
    Total*                 $1550.09

*Since August 2005, except November 2009 – March 2010.
Does not include major donations, grants, or reserve funds.


Library History

Even before there was a Roselle, there was a library available to the residents of this area. The Clio Literary Society, a women's club with an educational emphasis, established a book collection of about six hundred items, which could be borrowed by local residents for a small charge. That was in 1889, five years before Roselle was established. The books were housed at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Miller Moore, club members.

In 1898, the library, having grown larger and more popular, was moved to the Roselle Casino, a community building (not a gambling establishment) closer to downtown. The collection probably appealed mainly to adult literary tastes, and had little of interest to children.

As Roselle grew and the school became more populated, the demand for children's resources also grew. In the spring of 1914, representatives of the Clio Club and the Chestnut Street Parent Teacher Association met to discuss common goals. Out of those meetings came the formation of the Roselle Library Association, a private group which would run a more broadly-based library. The Clio Club donated its collection of sixteen hundred volumes, a bequest was received from a local resident, and a new home was found on West Second Avenue . The library opened for business in May 1914.

The library was tiny: 2200 books, nine seats, and open just ten hours per week. People paid dues to belong, and the borough made a small contribution starting in 1915. It was popular, however. Within two years, the members moved the books to the other side of Chestnut Street to larger quarters. The new space could seat nine children and twelve adults, and held 3700 books.

Almost every public library in New Jersey started as a private, or association, library, and then was "municipalized" at an election. The voters of Roselle elected to make the library a municipal department on November 6, 1917 , and on January 1, 1918 , the Roselle Public Library came into existence. The vote was 389 yes, 186 no, or better than 2-1 in favor.

The continued popularity and growth of the library led the library trustees to begin agitating for a building of their own in the early 1920's. In 1926, the borough did purchase the Williams property on Fourth Street , and hired an architect to draw up plans, but the mayor and council were unwilling to commit more money to the idea.

                                         board of Trustees

Finally, the Federal Public Works Administration offered nearly matching funds to construct a library in 1935. With the help of the state's senators in Washington, plans were secured from noted library architect Alfred Morton Githens, and the library built. The new building opened to the public on November 11, 1937 , as a memorial to the residents of Roselle who had died in the Great War.

By the late 1950's, the building was becoming cramped and worn. The meeting room was turned into a work room. The ventilation system did not work as well as had been planned. The director had no office. Bookcases were added here and there to accommodate the growing collection. The trustees again began to talk about additional space.

It was not until the early 1980's that such space was provided. A 1600 square foot addition was constructed on the west end of the building, to complement the original 5400 sf. The new space added restrooms, an access ramp, and additional shelving. However, the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1989 and the advent of computers quickly made the building obsolete again.

Now that we are in the twenty-first century, the trustees of the Library are working closely with Borough officials to make the library the object of civic pride that it was many years ago. The latest books, convenient access to information, space to meet and discuss, a place to maintain our history, a room just for children - these are all ideas for an expanded Roselle Public Library. Soon, we will be adding to this history when we move forward with a major expansion of the building.


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