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The Roselle Public Library strives to inform, enrich, and empower every person in our community by creating and promoting easy access to a vast array of information, activities, and services while providing an atmosphere for the love of reading.

Roselle Public Library Friends

Roselle Public Library Friends organized its group in 2002, and since then, the membership has grown to about two dozen supporters, with an active core of about eight.

The group holds an annual book sale and stock the daily book sale cart, they have also sold puppets, tee shirts, and refreshments at some of the local summer concerts.

Where does the money raised by the Friends go? The Friends have purchased a banner, for when they have a membership table at local events. They decorated the Library last December with poinsettias and holiday arrangements. They ran an essay/art contest for students this spring, and awarded prizes. They joined FOLUSA (Friends of Libraries USA), the national group which supports local friends' efforts.

Officers of the Friends of the Roselle Public Library are:
Maureen Boyle, President
Hollander Ross, Vice-President
Kathy McArthur, Secretary/Treasurer

To become a member, send your name, address, phone, e-mail, and your annual fee (made out to "Friends of the Roselle Public Library"), to the Friends, care of the Library. Meetings are at 7:30 pm on the second Monday of each month, at the Library.

Annual Membership
Adult $15.00
Junior (18 and younger) $  5.00
Household $ 25.00
Organization & Business
$ 50.00

Purchasing a Roselle Library T-shirt will help improve your library, improve your community and most of all improve your mind - all for just $10!


Donating to the Library

There are three things which you can donate to the Library: time, money, and things. Each of those categories has a different meaning and use to us.

A donation of time means volunteering to work at or for the Library. That might mean taking on a regular assignment, such as coming in once a week to clip newspapers for Roselle items, or visiting regularly to weed the entrance garden. It could mean taking on a one-time project, such as organizing a special event.
The Library is developing a list of potential volunteer activities. If you have an idea for donating some of your time to the benefit of the Library and its users, please contact the Library Director and discuss it with him.
One way to donate time is to join the Friends of the Library.

All donations are gratefully accepted. Small donations (less than $25.00) go into our operating budget as miscellaneous income.

Large donations ($25.00 and higher) are generally used for the purchase of materials. The average adult book costs about $25.00; children's books are somewhat less; videos, DVDs, compact discs, computer games, and books-on-tape can cost more. We will use your donation for something we know is in demand or which will enhance our collection.

The Library also has an endowment fund, which is a way of investing in the future of the library. The Roselle Public Library, as an autonomous unit of the Borough of Roselle, is a 170(c)(1) organization, under the Internal Revenue Code, and donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

For most people, that will mean donating books. The Library accepts, without restrictions, books, videos, compact discs, and related items, with the following exceptions:

  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books
  • Encyclopedias or textbooks move than ten years old
  • Items which are wet, dirty, broken, or smell
  • Magazines more than six months old

Once donated, the Library staff will review the material for potential use. It may be added to the collection, given to the Friends of the Library for their book sale, or discarded.

The Library also accepts donation of other items. If it has something to do with Roselle, we will make every effort to preserve it. Other items, from a coin collection to a used car, will be evaluated for their suitability (can we display it, will it be of future interest to Roselle residents). Most often, donations of non-book items will be sold, with the proceeds going to benefit the Library.

Generally speaking...
With the exception of the usual books and magazines, potential donors of particular items should speak with the Library Director first, to determine our interest in your donations. When you donate any item to the Library, including books, we will provide a receipt on request.

Bequests to the Library should use the Library's legal name: The Trustees of the Free Public Library of Roselle, New Jersey. As noted above, we are tax exempt. Please contact the Library Directory, Tammy Lee, if you are planning to include the Library in your estate planning.

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