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Technical Services Assistant


This is a part-time position reporting to the Library System Manager.  The Technical Services Assistant is primarily responsible for specific bibliographic operations and preparation of centrally processed library notices.

Bibliographic operations:

  1. Receiving and loading vendor records from member libraries
  2. Analyzing bibliographic records for appropriateness and quality
  3. Acquiring bibliographic records from various cataloging utilities
  4. Assisting in record deduplication as needed
  5. Performing routine authority control as needed
  6. Enhancing existing bibliographic records as needed

Library Circulation Notifications:
Prepare circulation notifications for mailing as needed and in the appropriate manner as prescribed by volume.

  1. Process, load and review logs for “on order” bibliographic records submitted by member libraries
  2. Perform copy cataloging services using OCLC CatExpress, SirsiDynix SmartPort and other cataloging utilities as needed
  3. Identify and merge duplicate records.
  4. Perform enhancements to existing records as needed.
  5. Perform routine authority maintenance as needed.
  6. Run and edit routine system reports as needed and directed.
  7. Monitor incoming requests on various channels and respond in a timely manner per request.
  8. Perform basic routines to print and process library patron notices for distribution to member libraries.
  9. Attend periodic full staff meetings
  10. Perform other duties as assigned by LMxAC Library System Manager.

While training for this position will be provided by the employer, applicants with experience working in library technical services are preferred.  Library school students are also encouraged to apply.

  1. Experience using library automation software like SirsiDynix Symphony preferred
  2. Experience with MS Windows operating systems and basic software applications (MS Word, Excel)
  3. Ability to solve problems independently.
  4. Flexibility and willingness to learn as techniques are modified and new procedures are adopted
  5. Good communication skills – verbal/written
  6. Good organizational skills – ability to work independently
  7. Good interpersonal skills
  8. Excellent attention to detail is required
  9. Works cooperatively with a team
Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

The position is scheduled for 24 hours per week.  While there is some flexibility to the schedule during the week, Saturday daytime (9am to 5pm) is required.  Physical requirements of the job include the ability to work at keyboard as well as some minor lifting and bending.

Compensation Range and Benefits

The salary rate is $ 19.00 / hour.

To apply send a letter and resume to

Position open until filled.

LMxAC provides library technology services to 34 member libraries in central New Jersey and is located at 27
Mayfield Avenue in Raritan Center, Edison NJ.


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