Strategic Plan

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June 2019

LMxAC is recognized as a focused, innovative, and dynamic organization. We are known for seamless, secure, and cutting edge library services. Our members are actively involved in LMxAC, freely share expertise and experience, and are partners in consortium decision-making. This strategic plan reflects our goals and objectives for 2020-2023.

Mission: Advancing shared access for libraries

Vision: LMxAC provides the foundation for robust and cost effective shared library services to benefit the central New Jersey community.

LMxAC is committed to:

  • Visionary leadership that embraces change and challenges
  • Technological sophistication, knowledge, and resources to achieve member goals
  • Collaboration and reciprocity
  • Strengthening member libraries and service excellence
  • Responsiveness to member needs
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Privacy and confidentiality

Goals, Objectives and Strategies

A. LMxAC will be a dynamic organization with an expanding membership of engaged, connected, and informed library staff.

  1. Create enhanced opportunities for membership engagement through use of a collaboration platform (such as Slack, or Zoho Connect) to connect staff at different libraries and for LMxAC staff to share news, policy updates, Sirsi roadmaps, and more.
  2. Develop the most effective channels for communicating information and updates to library staff regarding standard practices and policies in circulation and tech services, as well as new features being implemented in the ILS. Ensure that stored information is not duplicated or obsolete and that staff can easily locate what they need.
  3. Increase training offerings and offer more opportunities to engage with library staff in-person and remotely including standardized training for new directors and library staff.
  4. Create a BlueCloud Analytics report sharing group and share any new report templates LMxAC or a staff member has created that might benefit other libraries.
  5. Develop opportunities for member library staff to interact with each other through regular meetings and continuing education opportunities. Appoint the following committees to provide guidance: Adult Services, Children Services, Young Adult Services and Technology.

B. LMxAC will provide indispensable technology services with an array of collaborative opportunities.

  1. Organize an annual Technology Summit to discuss recent and future technology advances.
  2. Investigate the best options for member libraries to increase their library’s access to higher speed bandwidth including up to gigabit speeds.
  3. Investigate whether there is interest in a consortium-wide RFID project. Provide members with recommendations for designing and implementing such a project.
  4. Establish a committee to review the current integrated library system (ILS) marketplace and make recommendations about whether LMxAC should go out to bid for a new ILS prior to the end of its current vendor contract in 2025.
  5. Assess the quality of our bibliographic database and design strategies for improving the quality of individual title records, eliminating duplicate title records and improving the quality of authority records.

C. LMxAC will be a proactive leader on behalf of its members within the larger library community.

  1. Produce an annual report of the LMxAC Membership to highlight innovative and leadership activities among our members as well as reporting on LMxAC activities.
  2. Re-design the LMxAC website to increase patron engagement, raise awareness of LMxAC services, and improve information to library staff with a more modern and inviting design that scales better to mobile devices. Feature more patron-facing news as well as more information about LMxAC services and committees.
  3. Maintain LMxAC staff and membership involvement in statewide and national organizations that address issues of concern to our member libraries. Accomplish this through attendance at meetings and events, participation in committee and other leadership work, and providing encouragement and support for member library staff to become more involved in professional issues.